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Windows, ChromeOS Flex, or Linux?

The AOPEN ACE Series provides a truly 

next-generation, multi-platform ready to scale.

Partners and End-users agree on one thing.


AOPEN ACE models provide a one-stop-shop experience for easy procurements and deployments. Teams of specialists are readily available to ensure the success of your project.


AOPEN continues its trend of producing the most reliable Mini PCs. Achieving volume with the AOPEN ACE Series is simple - with proven reliability and purpose-driven design. 

Scalable-Ready Solutions

The AOPEN goal is to solve high-priority trends in a post-pandemic world, providing solutions ready for scale. From digital signage and outdoor needs to video walls and kiosks, AOPEN ACE models cater to multiple use cases.

Adam Hirsen, CEO & Co-founder of UPshow

"We confidently use AOPEN hardware for digital signage inside some of the best brick-and-mortar retail brands in the world. AOPEN also has an amazing team that has been able to support all of our client needs."

Justin Godderis, VP of IntouchLink

"We had to have a hardware partner that supported high-end equipment that could operate 24/7 in support of critical communication needs. We chose to utilize AOPEN's commercial-grade Chromeboxes to help us maintain our uncompromising SLAs."

Derry Fitzsimmons, CEO of SmartSigns2go

"We chose AOPEN because not only do they make some of the best mini PCs for our needs, but perhaps more importantly, their people understand our business and are a true joy to work with."




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