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Miles Schofield

Technology Solutions Engineer

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Head of Sales & Marketing

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Medical thermometers are accurate, but a measurement takes 5 to 6 seconds per person - causing long lines at business and school entrances. The nonintrusive Heat Finder system monitors temperatures as people walk past.

“Kiosks, outdoor kiosks in particular, require detailed plans to support and maintain them, specifically the ability to keep the indoor temperature within the kiosk at an acceptable temperature. That is something that we work with AOPEN on to deliver the right solution for the right geography."

Thomas Patchin - Chief Revenue Officer

Staying both safe and productive is a critical priority for every organization. Not only are AOPEN Chrome products secure and ruggedized, but they are built for frequent sanitizing. In this 45-minute webinar from AOPEN, learn how its commercial-grade Chrome products are increasing productivity, facilitating virtual visits without disrupting care and, combined with Google Meet, keeping families, patients, learners, and colleagues healthy and well-connected.

Logan Gruber- Copywriter

“Our partnership with you has been pretty amazing. You guys have been very accommodating, very easy to work with, and very responsive." 

- Jacob

“And then tech support. We had to reimage the machine quite a number of times and AOPEN was able to quickly get those back into service for us"

“AOPEN had the AiCU remote management so this way we don’t have to have someone go out there once a week and check it. They are able to automatically report on the screen vitals and send that over to Malligans."

“We needed that hardware partner and that’s where AOPEN came in. These are indoor/outdoor installations. We needed something that would be able to handle a wide range of temperatures, as well as withstand rough use from up to 100s of users every day so that was a big decision to make"

Antimicrobial Surface Protection For Touchscreens

With its antimicrobial surface to enhance your AOPEN touch device, Kastus®
the globally-patented coating is an innovative solution baked into a glass screen protector to provide 24/7 always-on, built-in-clean surface protection.

As consumers are consistently overloaded with ads and content, how can businesses cut through the noise and get in front of customers in the right way? During this 45-minute webinar from AOPEN and valued partner UPshow, you’ll learn how combining live tv and real-time dynamic content with your digital signage drives customer engagement and increases brand loyalty.

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Amid the COVID-19 pandemic, businesses continue to look for ways to operate in a safe and healthy way. AOPEN has developed a wide range of solutions to help get life back to normal. During this 30-minute webinar from AOPEN, you’ll learn about: our newest integrated thermal camera; thermal check-in kiosks; antimicrobial coatings; and telepresence/teleconferencing solutions.

Tomer Mann - EVP,  Sales & Marketing

"Products with keen accuracy have never been so important" 

Miles Schofield,  Solutions Engineering Manager 

"180-degree camera to capture more information in the conference room and classrooms."

Richard Towner, Channel Sales Manager

"We have a great kiosk product but now we can also use that same kiosk as a fully permanent installation & high-quality solution and upgrade into a lot of applications."

Miles Schofield, Solutions Engineering Manager 

Though a well-designed device is important, it also needs to play the part as well. AOPEN prides itself on its unrivaled reliability, and you'll see how we got there in this featured video! 

Dave Petricig, Director of Channel Sales

As the world continues its return to normalcy (or close to it), our partners like Ping HD continue to evolve and adjust to market needs. 

Miles Schofield, Solutions Engineering Manager 

Chip shortages are causing many projects to stall and at times even canceled due to the severities of the post-pandemic world. AOPEN is ready.

Mike Kilian, VP of Client Relations

For schools looking to find a way to bridge the communication gap, digital signage is a prime tool to help connect administrators to their faculty and students.  

Tomer Mann - EVP,  Sales & Marketing

Valued partner UPshow partners about how their solution enables schools to effectively and easily reach out to their students. 

Gary Kurtz, VP of Sales & Marketing

While most restaurants have reopened their dining rooms, they are still operating with limited seating capacity as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic. 

Steve Gray,  Director of Partnerships

With many organizations now managing a dispersed workforce, finding ways to effectively connect with employees and keep them engaged is more critical than ever.

Justin Godderis, VP of Sales & Marketing

Through a partnership with AOPEN, InTouchLink has created an all-encompassing senior living hospitality solution using technology such as digital signage, that is both unique and scalable.

Gabriel Lopez, Director of Engineering

"We need to complete and support our customers with the best products in the market."

Alfonso Aguirre, Director of Sales

"We're very excited to have AOPEN on our portfolio and solution offerings because of their excellent products, quality, and reliability."

Sonia Lobo, Product Marketing Specialist

"This bundle is ideal for K-12 environments, and ships together to prevent anything being lost in distribution."

George Borden, Solution Sales Architect

"I really appreciate the form factor of this (Chromebox Commercial 2) device and just what a solid piece of equipment that it is."

"The Chrome devices especially these from AOPEN are exceptional to work with. They sit there, run 24/7, and are extremely reliable."

Derry Fitzsimmons, CEO